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WellVia Genetic services are engineered to make affordable, convenient, and personalized medicine possible for everyone.

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Cancer Risk Analysis

This non-invasive Saliva test evaluates 31 genes for 8 types of cancer

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Newborn Genetic Carrier

Carrier test for over 60 of the most prevalent and devastating hereditary diseases

WellVia Genetics provides innovative and unique healthcare programs that provide employers with affordable access to industry leading genetic testing for their employees.

How it works

The value of genetic testing

Clinical studies demonstrate the savings of genetic testing

One study found that 53% of individuals on polypharmacy were on the wrong drug or dosage. The average savings on the prescription drug costs was more than $600 per year per person by implementing this type of testing.


average savings per year, per person

How genetic testing benefits self-insured employers


Prescription Spend

Annual prescription spend has become one of the largest healthcare expenses for self-insured employers. With PGx testing, determining the appropriate medications and dosages for your employees will ensure your prescription spend is as effective as possible, and often reducing ineffective, high-cost drugs.


Claims Spend

Adverse drug reactions can occur when an employee’s body does not correctly metabolize a drug or when a combination of different drugs creates a negative outcome and leads to hospitalization.


Happier, Healthier Employees

The right medications can make a significant impact on an employee’s life both inside and outside of the office, leading to a happy and healthy workforce.

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